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Prescription Assistance Programs


The following websites provide an information clearinghouse on prescription assistance programs. You can be matched with the prescriptions assistance programs that you may qualify for.

The following programs offer prescription discount cards:

  • Needy Meds - There are no income, residency, or insurance requirements for this program. The prescription discount card cannot be used in combination with insurance and is only accepted at participating pharmacies.

  • Rx Savings Plus - 1-877-673-3688
    This discount card can be used any time your prescription is not covered by insurance. It can be used at CVS/pharmacy, Target, Rite Aid, and 60,000 participating pharmacies.

  • Together Rx Access - 1-800-444-4106
    This program offers a prescription discount card to those patients who are not eligible for Medicare, have no prescription coverage of any kind, and meet income requirements. The discount prescription card covers over 300 medications and is accepted at a majority of pharmacies.

  • Co-pay Relief - 1-866-512-3861
    This program provides co-payment assistance to insured patients who are financially and medically qualified.

The following retail stores/pharmacies provide discounts on certain medications:

  • Shop Rite Pharmacy Generic Drug Program - $9.99 for a 90 days supply of medication. No insurance needed. ShopRite also offers a free 30-day supply diabetes medication and a free 14-day supply of antibiotics.

  • Target Generic Prescription Program - $4 generic medication for a 30 day supply of medication or $10 for a 90 days supply of medication.

  • Walmart $4 Prescription Program - $4 prescription program for a 30 days supply of medication or $10 for a 90 days supply of medication. Available for prescription drugs and over the counter medication as well.

Many chronic disease foundations and organizations will offer financial assistance for medical supplies, medications, and other health care costs.

  • Diabetes Foundation Medical Assistance Program - The Diabetes Foundation’s Medical Assistance Program provides short-term emergency support to patients who are unable to pay for diabetes medications or supplies.

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Fund - The Fund allows New Jersey residents who have survived an acquired brain injury to obtain the services and supports they need to live in the community, when insurance, personal resources and/or public programs are unavailable to meet their needs. The Fund pays for support and services that foster independence and maximize quality of life.

  • Co-Payment Programs (from the Partnership for Prescription Assistance) - a list of organizations and programs that provide financial assistance for certain health care costs.

Durable Medical Equipment

  • Your ReSource provides gently used, durable medical equipment at a greatly reduced rate. There are no income or insurance eligibility requirements. Their showroom is centrally located in Ewing, NJ.

      This information last reviewed 3/23/11.


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